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A380 Aluminum Hot Chamber Die Casting

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posted on 2021-04-30, 19:09 authored by Clayton M KibbeyClayton M Kibbey
A hot chamber die casting machine designed for zinc was donated to Purdue University. This machine was slated for retrofit of components necessary for aluminum hot chamber die casting. Existing components designed for zinc, mainly H-13 and cast iron, do not have the necessary service life to economically produce castings due to chemical attack on machine components from molten aluminum. Multiple systems were redesigned, including the pot, plunger, gooseneck, furnace, and cooling lines. All components were upgraded to allow for the higher service temperatures needed for molten aluminum, along with a niobium gooseneck and anviloy nozzle to resist chemical attack of injection components. Once design and retrofitting were complete aluminum alloy A380 was used in conjunction with a niobium gooseneck design to create tensile bars. These tensile bars were subsequently tested and mechanical properties evaluated.


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