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ACT (Anti-COVID Toolkit): A multi-scale approach to combat pandemic phases

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posted on 2021-07-28, 21:41 authored by Tanya PurwarTanya Purwar

Key Question: How to develop technologies to understand and solve a multi-scale global crisis resulting from rapid transmission of contagious respiratory viruses in pandemic phases?

A two-pronged approach to optimize the existing solutions and combat the DIRECT and INDIRECT transmission of respiratory pathogens.

• I. Optimization of multiple layers in a filter/ mask with physical – biochemical properties

• II. Characterization of surfaces based on best parameters for disinfection using electrostatic deposition


Intel Corporation Funds

NSF (CBET-1948748 from the Thermal Transport Processes program)


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  • Master of Science


  • Mechanical Engineering

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  • West Lafayette

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Luciano Castillo

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Victor Castano

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Ernest Blatchley