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posted on 2023-09-26, 21:49 authored by Maliha HossainMaliha Hossain

There is a growing need to reconstruct high quality tomographic images from sparse view measurements to accommodate time and space constraints as well as patient well-being in medical CT. Analytical methods perform poorly with sub-Nyquist acquisition rates. In extreme cases with 4 or fewer views, effective reconstruction approaches must be able to incorporate side information to constrain the solution space of an otherwise under-determined problem. This thesis presents two sparse view tomography problems that are solved using techniques that exploit. knowledge of the structural and physical properties of the scanned objects.

First, we reconstruct four view CT datasets obtained from an in-situ imaging system used to observe Kolsky bar impact experiments. Test subjects are typically 3D-printed out ofhomogeneous materials into shapes with circular cross sections. Two advanced prior modelsare formulated to incorporate these assumptions in a modular fashion into the iterativeradiographic inversion framework. The first is a Multi-Slice Fusion and the latter is TotalVariation regularization that operates in cylindrical coordinates.

In the second problem, artificial neural networks (NN) are used to directly invert a temporal sequence of four radiographic images of discontinuities propagating through an imploding steel shell. The NN is fed the radiographic features that are robust to scatter and is trained using density simulations synthesized as solutions to hydrodynamic equations of state. The proposed reconstruction pipeline learns and enforces physics-based assumptions of hydrodynamics and shock physics to constrain the final reconstruction to a space ofphysically admissible solutions.


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