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posted on 2023-05-31, 12:39 authored by S. M. Abrar JahinS. M. Abrar Jahin

 With the proliferation of computer science in recent years in modern society, the number of computer science-related employment is expanding quickly. Software engineer has been chosen as the best job for 2023 based on pay, stress level, opportunity for professional growth, and balance between work and personal life. This was decided by a rankings of different news, journals, and publications. Computer science occupations are anticipated to be in high demand not just in 2023, but also for the foreseeable future. It’s not surprising that the number of computer science students at universities is growing and will continue to grow. The enormous increase in student enrolment in many subdisciplines of computers has presented some distinct issues. If computer science is to be incorporated into the K-12 curriculum, it is vital that K-12 educators are competent. But one of the biggest problems with this plan is that there aren’t enough trained computer science professors. Numerous new fields and applications, for instance, are being introduced to computer science. In addition, it is difficult for schools to recruit skilled computer science instructors for a variety of reasons including low salary issue. Utilizing the K-12 teachers who are already in the schools, have a love for teaching, and consider teaching as a vocation is therefore the most effective strategy to improve or fix this issue. So, if we want teachers to quickly grasp computer science topics, we need to give them an easy way to learn about computer science. To simplify and expedite the study of computer science, we must acquaint school-treachers with the terminology associated with computer science concepts so they can know which things they need to learn according to their profile. If we want to make it easier for schoolteachers to comprehend computer science concepts, it would be ideal if we could provide them with a tree of words and phrases from which they could determine where the phrases originated and which phrases are connected to them so that they can be effectively learned. To find a good concept word or phrase, we must first identify concepts and then establish their connections or linkages. As computer science is a fast developing field, its nomenclature is also expanding at a frenetic rate. Therefore, adding all concepts and terms to the knowledge graph would be a challenging endeavor. Creating a system that automatically adds all computer science domain terms to the knowledge graph 11 would be a straightforward solution to the issue. We have identified knowledge graph use cases for the school-teacher training program, which motivates the development of a knowl?edge graph. We have analyzed the knowledge graph’s use case and the knowledge graph’s ideal characteristics. We have designed a web-based system for adding, editing, and remov?ing words from a knowledge graph. In addition, a term or phrase can be represented with its children list, parent list, and synonym list for enhanced comprehension. We’ve developed an automated system for extracting words and phrases that can extract computer science idea phrases from any supplied text, therefore enriching the knowledge graph. Therefore, we have designed the knowledge graph for use in teacher education so that school-teachers can educate K-12 students computer science topicses effectively. 


National Science Foundation under Grant IIS-1909916


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