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A BIM-based tool for formwork management in building projects

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posted on 23.04.2021, 18:08 by Jorge Alfredo Rojas RondanJorge Alfredo Rojas Rondan
A BIM-based tool for formwork management was developed using Dynamo Studio and Revit, based on practitioners preferences regarding LOD and rental option. The BIM tool is a toolset of Dynamo scripts able to create a BIM model for formwork enable with parameters that describes formwork features necessary for formwork management. The BIM model created with this toolset is able to compute quantities, cost analysis, generate a demand profile, and cerate a 4D & 5D simulation automatically.


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Master of Science


Civil Engineering

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West Lafayette

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Dr. Dulcy Abraham

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Dr. Bob McCullouch

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Dr. Hubo Cai