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A Comparative Study of Rhoda Kellogg's Children's Artistic Development Research

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posted on 2021-12-20, 13:48 authored by Heather G VickersHeather G Vickers

This investigation is a comparative study of the artistic development research of Rhoda Kellogg and the research of Helga Eng, Henry Schaefer-Simmern, and Viktor Lowenfeld. The intent of this investigation is to compare Kellogg’s children’s artistic development research to other theorists of the period to discover similarities and differences in her work, validating its significance. The criteria of the selection of the theorists limit the investigation to the research of children’s artistic development stage theories in the mid-twentieth century. The results of this investigation found that Kellogg’s children’s artistic development research consisted of far more categorizations of marks in the scribble and pre-schema stages than Eng, Schaefer-Simmern, and Lowenfeld’s research. The study also expands on the significance of Kellogg’s children’s artistic development research in the field of art education and the context in which Kellogg undertook her research. This investigation also brought attention to and documented Kellogg’s research more extensively than previous studies.


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