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A Comparison of Models and Approaches to Model Predictive Control of Synchronous Machine-based Microgrids

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posted on 2021-07-28, 18:15 authored by Lucas Martin Peralta BogarinLucas Martin Peralta Bogarin
In this research, an attempt is made to evaluate alternative model-predictive microgrid control approaches and to understand the trade-offs that emerge between model complexity and the ability to achieve real-time optimized system performance. Three alternative controllers are considered and their computational and optimization performance compared. In the first, nonlinearities of the generators are included within the optimization. Subsequently, an approach is considered wherein alternative (non-traditional) states and inputs of generators are used which enables one to leverage linear models with the model predictive control (MPC). Nonlinearities are represented outside the control in maps between MPC inputs and the physical inputs. Third, a recently proposed linearized trajectory (LTMPC) is considered. Finally, the performance of the controllers is examined utilizing alternative models of the synchronous machine that have been proposed for power system analysis.


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  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Steven D. Pekarek

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