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A Thesis Evaluation System

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posted on 2019-06-10, 21:03 authored by Yanhua ZongYanhua Zong
With the development of web-based technologies, online evaluation systems have been replacing paper-based ones in various domains at a fast pace because of their many advantages such as easy administration, high efficiency, and eco-friendliness. This study aims at developing an online thesis evaluation system which can act as a substitute to the paper-based one being currently used in Department of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue. It contains two parts: the development of the online thesis evaluation system, and the assessment of the system. The system was developed using Angular as the client-side technology, PHP as the server-side technology, MySQL as the database management system, and D3 for the data visualization. Bootstrap was also used to simply format the table and forms. The developed system features easy administration, easy to do evaluations, visual reports of evaluation results and so on. Surveys were used to assess the system. The experimental results indicate this system has relatively good performance, usability, and reliability. However, further development and assessment are in need to make it a better substitute of the current paper-based evaluation system.


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