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Academic and Behavioral Strategies for the Inclusive General Education Teacher

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posted on 2020-05-07, 02:04 authored by Stephanie Jordan SparksStephanie Jordan Sparks
Within the American public education system, 13 percent of students receive special education services. Interventions provided to students with disabilities declared mild to moderate participate within the general education classroom every day. The purpose of this study was to investigate what knowledge general education teachers have of the characteristics of the disabilities that were present within their classrooms, strategies they used within the classroom to support these students, and what teachers could do additionally to support students with disabilities in the general education classroom. Teachers were generally aware of common characteristics of disabilities, but some fell victim to common misconceptions. Teachers attempted a variety of strategies to support their students within the general education classroom. A consensus of requiring more resources and support in the classroom was relayed from general education students when inquired for next steps.


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