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Adaptive Safety and Cyber Security for Connected and Automated Vehicle System

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posted on 2021-07-23, 13:42 authored by Hanlin ChenHanlin Chen

This dissertation discussed the potential benefits that CAV systems can bring to the general well-being, and how the threat lies within the CAV system can affect its performance and functionality.

Particularly, this dissertation discovered how CAV technology can benefit homeland security and crime investigations involving child abduction crimes. By proposing the initial design network, this dissertation proposed a solution that enhances the current AMBER Alert system using CAV technology. This dissertation also discussed how CAV technology can help perception in corner-case driving scenarios and reduce the risk of traffic accidents, by proposing a dataset that covers various corner cases including different weather and lighting conditions targeting the work zone. Evaluation is made on the collected data and several impact factors have been figured out.

This dissertation also discussed an attack scenario that a ROS-based CAV platform was attacked by DoS attacks. We analized the system response after we attacked the system. Discussion and analysis was made on the functionality and stability of the system.

Overall, we determined that CAV technology can greatly benefit in general well-being, and threats within the CAV system can cast potential negative benefits once the CAV system is being attacked.


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