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Addressing the Recommender System Data Solicitation Problem with Engaging User Interfaces

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posted on 2020-12-18, 21:35 authored by Quang DaoQuang Dao

With autonomous systems bringing greater demand for user data, in some applications, this also brings an opportunity to solicit data from users. To exploit this, a user interface will need to be designed to coax the user into achieving system goals, like data solicitation. One approach is to design a system to leverage an already present tendency for people to socially interact with technology. In this thesis, I argue that such an approach would involve incorporating interaction concepts that facilitate engagement into the design of recommender system interfaces that will improve the likelihood of obtaining data from users. To support this claim, I synthesize past work on human-computer interaction and recommender systems to derive a framework to guide scientific investigations into interface design concepts that will address the data solicitation problem.


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