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An Intelligent UAV Platform For Multi-Agent Systems

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posted on 2022-04-21, 18:48 authored by Taashi KapoorTaashi Kapoor

 This thesis presents work and simulations containing the use of Artificial Intelligence for real-time perception and real-time anomaly detection using the computer and sensors onboard an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. One goal of this research is to develop a highly accurate, high-performance computer vision system that can then be used as a framework for object detection, obstacle avoidance, motion estimation, 3D reconstruction, and vision-based GPS denied path planning. The method developed and presented in this paper integrates software and hardware techniques to reach optimal performance for real-time operations. 

This thesis also presents a solution to real-time anomaly detection using neural networks to further the safety and reliability of operations for the UAV. Real-time telemetry data from different sensors are used to predict failures before they occur. Both these systems together form the framework behind the Intelligent UAV platform, which can be rapidly adopted for different varieties of use cases because of its modular nature and on-board suite of sensors. 


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  • Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics


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