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An interdisciplinary study of sustainable electronics in reliability, recycling, and STEM education

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posted on 2021-10-15, 01:26 authored by Congying WangCongying Wang
Our next-generation engineers must be able to design technologies and create partnerships for broad applications that sustain the environment and protect human health. This dissertation reports on technologies and partnerships that support sustainable electronics by (1) improving the reliability of Sn-alloys in electronics by understanding the formation of whiskers in Sn thin films under thermomechanical stresses, (2) assessing the social, political, and economic determinants of a town's transition to cleaner recycling of e-waste, and (3) establishing a framework highlighting the contextualization and shared value to integrate sustainability in STEM education.


Controlling Heterogeneous Stress Relaxation in Tin Films: Whiskers, Grain Boundary Sliding, and Beyond

Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences

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IGERT: Global Traineeship in Sustainable Electronics

Directorate for Education & Human Resources

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