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Analysis of Pop-Up Rings for the Fabrication of Giant MEMS Hemispheric Shell Resonators

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posted on 2020-12-16, 16:15 authored by Calvin Mitchell JonesCalvin Mitchell Jones
Fabrication of hemispherical structures for application in hemispherical resonator gyro-scopes (HRG) is an integral part of modern sensing systems, especially in relation to space navigation. First, it is important for these structures to be as symmetric as possible in order to accurately track both in-plane and out-of-plane acceleration that occurs in fast moving satellites and space crafts. Next, they need to be larger for easier application in current mm scale systems and to maintain a lower noise floor and high quality factor. The work in this paper introduces a methodology for the analyzation of the micromachining process for larger symmetric hemispherical shell resonators (HSR). This is in order to increase their size while maintaining symmetry through isotropic etching using HNA and the pop-up ring mask design. The implementation of the pop-up ring mask allows for symmetric etching of<111> silicon and larger MEMS structures at a low cost while giving more design control to the user in comparison to alternative designs such as the pinhole. The investigation of how hemispheric structures are affected based on the adjustment of the pop-up ring design serves to both create larger symmetric HSRs and create a better model for future designs and applications. During this investigation, a range of design tests were done to create the hemispherical resonator molds in order to gauge the effectiveness of the pop-up ring changes. These results were then used to develop a method for achieving the desired larger symmetric HSRs.


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