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Asymptotic Analysis of Structured Determinants via the Riemann-Hilbert Approach

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posted on 2020-12-16, 19:00 authored by Roozbeh GharakhlooRoozbeh Gharakhloo
In this work we use and develop Riemann-Hilbert techniques to study the asymptotic behavior of structured determinants. In chapter one we will review the main underlying
definitions and ideas which will be extensively used throughout the thesis. Chapter two is devoted to the asymptotic analysis of Hankel determinants with Laguerre-type and Jacobi-type potentials with Fisher-Hartwig singularities. In chapter three we will propose a Riemann-Hilbert problem for Toeplitz+Hankel determinants. We will then analyze this Riemann-Hilbert problem for a certain family of Toeplitz and Hankel symbols. In Chapter four we will study the asymptotics of a certain bordered-Toeplitz determinant which is related to the next-to-diagonal correlations of the anisotropic Ising model. The analysis is based upon relating the bordered-Toeplitz determinant to the solution of the Riemann-Hilbert problem associated to pure Toeplitz determinants. Finally in chapter ve we will study the emptiness formation probability in the XXZ-spin 1/2 Heisenberg chain, or equivalently, the asymptotic analysis of the associated Fredholm determinant.




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