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Augmenting Large Language Models with Humor Theory To Understand Puns

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posted on 2024-04-25, 23:56 authored by Ryan Rony DsilvaRyan Rony Dsilva

This research explores the application of large language models (LLMs) to comprehension of puns. Leveraging the expansive capabilities of LLMs, this study delves into the domain of pun classification by examining it through the prism of two humor theories: the Computational Model of Humor and the Benign Violation theory, which is an extension of the N+V Theory. The computational model posits that for a phrase to qualify as a pun, it must possess both ambiguity and distinctiveness, characterized by a word that can be interpreted in two plausible ways, each interpretation being supported by at least one unique word. On the other hand, the Benign Violation theory posits that puns work by breaching one linguistic rule while conforming to another, thereby creating a "benign violation." By leveraging the capabilities of large language models (LLMs), this research endeavors to scrutinize a curated collection of English language puns. Our aim is to assess the validity and effectiveness of the use of these theoretical frameworks in accurately classifying puns. We undertake controlled experiments on the dataset, selectively removing a condition specific to one theory and then evaluating the puns based on the criteria of the other theory to see how well it classifies the altered inputs. This approach allows us to uncover deeper insights into the processes that facilitate the recognition of puns and to explore the practical implications of applying humor theories. The findings of our experiments, detailed in the subsequent sections, sheds light on how the alteration of specific conditions impacts the ability of the LLMs to accurately classify puns, according to each theory, where each component of the theory does not influence the result to the same extent, thereby contributing to our understanding of humor mechanics through the eyes of LLMs.


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