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posted on 2019-01-17, 01:49 authored by Chenfeng ZhangChenfeng Zhang

Brain connectome network visualization could help the neurologists inspect the brain structure easily and quickly. In the thesis, the model of the brain connectome network is visualized in both three dimensions (3D) environment and two dimensions (2D) environment. One is named “Brain Explorer for Connectomic Analysis” (BECA) developed by the previous research already. It could present the 3D model of brain structure with region of interests (ROIs) in different colors [5]. The other is mainly for the information visualization of brain connectome in 2D. It adopts the force-directed layout to visualize the network. However, the brain network visualization could not bring the user intuitively ideas about brain structure. Sometimes, with the increasing scales of ROIs (nodes), the visualization would bring more visual clutter for readers [3]. So, brain connectome network properties visualization becomes a useful complement to brain network visualization. For a better understanding of the effect of Alzheimer’s disease on the brain nerves, the thesis introduces several methods about the brain graph properties visualization. There are the five selected graph properties discussed in the thesis. The degree and closeness are node properties. The shortest path, maximum flow, and clique are edge properties. Except for clique, the other properties are visualized in both 3D and 2D. The clique is visualized only in 2D. For the clique, a new hypergraph visualization method is proposed with three different algorithms. Instead of using an extra node to present a clique, the thesis uses a “belt” to connect all nodes within the same clique. The methods of node connections are based on the traveling salesman problem (TSP) and Law of cosines. In addition, the thesis also applies the result of the clique to adjust the force-directed layout of brain graph in 2D to dramatically eliminate the visual clutter. Therefore, with the support of the graph properties visualization, the brain connectome network visualization tools become more flexible.


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