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Barcode Detection and Decoding in On-line Fashion Images

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posted on 2019-05-14, 17:37 authored by Qingyu YangQingyu Yang
A barcode is the representation of data including some information related to goods, offered for sale, which frequently appears in on-line fashion images. Detecting and decoding barcode has a variety of applications in the on-line marketplace. However, the existing method has limitation in detecting barcode in some backgrounds such as Tassels, strips, and texture in fashion images. So, our work focuses on identifying the barcode region and distinguishing a barcode from its patterns that are similar to it. We accomplish this by adding a post-processing technique after morphological operations. We also apply a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to solve this typical object detection problem. A comparison of the performance between our algorithm and a previous method will be given in our results. For decoding part, a package including current common types of decoding scheme is used in our work to decode the detected barcode. In addition, we add a pre-processing transformation step to process skewed barcode images in order to improve the probability of decoding success.


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