Beliefs about Seeking and Receiving Help







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Beliefs about seeking and receiving help: Measurement of the recipient's perspective on helping behavior

posted on 2022-10-31, 19:36 authored by Victoria Sharon ScotneyVictoria Sharon Scotney


To fully understand the nature of help, we need to study it from both the helper’s and the recipient’s perspectives, yet the recipient's perspective of help has been often overlooked. This study aimed to identify and measure people’s general beliefs about seeking and receiving help. The first study used thematic analysis to identify broad belief themes from 81 participants’ written thoughts and experiences of help. The five belief themes were then used to generate a pool of items to measure general beliefs about seeking and receiving help. The second study used a split-half sample to assess the factor structure and identify items to remove using EFA and CFA. Ten distinct, though related, subscales of the five belief themes were retained, and these items were then assessed through a content validation study, which supported the definitional correspondence and distinctiveness of the items to their scales. While further validation of the measure needs to be conducted, there is promising evidence of the scale’s content coverage compared to previous scales, reliability, and content validity of the identified subscales. 


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