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Building the Intelligent IoT-Edge: Balancing Security and Functionality using Deep Reinforcement Learning

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posted on 2022-01-03, 01:10 authored by Anand A MudgerikarAnand A Mudgerikar
The exponential growth of Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems is resulting in complex environments comprising of various devices interacting with each other and with users. In addition, the rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence are making those devices able to autonomously modify their behaviors through the use of techniques such as reinforcement learning (RL). There is thus the need for an intelligent monitoring system on the network edge with a global view of the environment to autonomously predict optimal device actions. However, it is clear however that ensuring safety and security in such environments is critical. To this effect, we develop a constrained RL framework for IoT environments that determines optimal devices actions with respect to user-defined goals or required functionalities using deep Q learning. We use anomaly based intrusion detection on the network edge to dynamically generate security and safety policies to constrain the RL agent in the framework. We analyze the balance required between ‘safety/security’ and ‘functionality’ in IoT environments by manipulating the exploration of safe and unsafe benefit state spaces in the RL framework. We instantiate the framework for testing on application layer control in smart home environments, and network layer control including network functionalities like rate control and routing, for SDN based environments.


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