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CMOS Integrated Resonators and Emerging Materials for MEMS Applications

posted on 2023-07-18, 11:50 authored by Jackson AndersonJackson Anderson

With the advent of increasingly complex radio systems at higher frequencies and the slowing of traditional CMOS process scaling with power concerns, there has been an increased focus on integration, architectural, and material innovations as a continued path forward in MEMS and logic. This work presents the first comprehensive experimental study of resonant body transistors in a commercial 14nm FinFET process, demonstrating differential radio frequency transduction as a function of transistor biasing through electrostatic, piezoresistive, and threshold voltage modulation. The impact of device design changes on unreleased resonator performance are further explored, highlighting the importance of phononic confinement in achieving an f*Q product of 8.2*1011 at 11.73 GHz. Also shown are initial efforts towards the understanding of coupled oscillator architectures and a perovskite nickelate material system. Finally, development of resonators based on two-dimensional materials, whose scale is particularly attractive for high-frequency nano-mechanical resonators and acoustic devices, is discussed. Experiments towards dry transfer of tellurene flakes using geometries printed via two photon polymerization are presented along with optimization of a fabrication process for gated RF devices, presenting new opportunities for high-frequency electro-mechanical interactions in this topological material. 


NSF ECCS-2024017

DARPA HR001119C0038

DARPA FA8650-18-1-7904

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