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Characterization and Application of a Lens System Design for Engine Diagnostics and 3D Reconstructions

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posted on 2019-10-16, 19:55 authored by Vaishnavi Anand RadkarVaishnavi Anand Radkar

A previously designed lens system is constructed and characterized for possible application to engine diagnostics and 3D reconstructions of combusting flows. Since optical engines cannot be operated at the same conditions as a production engine, optical access to a production engine, with minimum changes in the engine geometry is necessary for developing a better understanding of the in-cylinder processes. The application of a probe designed to fit in the pressure transducer port of a diesel engine was demonstrated in this work. Measurement of various optical parameters established the ability of the lens system to have a good resolution over the entire stroke length of the cylinder. The temperature analysis of the probe and lens system confirmed its ability to withstand the high-temperature conditions in the engine cylinder head. The lens system design was coupled with imaging fibers to transmit images from the image plane of the probe to a high-speed camera located at a safe distance from the combusting environment. Due to the robust design of the probe and its compatibility with an imaging fiber, the probe was identified to be a good alternative as an inexpensive lens system for tomography in challenging environments. To validate its use, 3D reconstruction of a sewing pin using a range of views was demonstrated. Parameters affecting the reconstructions were identified and optimized to obtain high-quality reconstructions.


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