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Codesigning a Mobile Interface for Travel Planning on Digital Maps

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posted on 2019-08-16, 17:11 authored by Yu-Shen HoYu-Shen Ho
Nowadays, increasing numbers of people do travel research on their smartphones. More precisely, digital maps provide locational information, which is important during the planning process. However, smartphones are restricted by their small screen size, resulting in fragmented information delivery; also, the design of digital maps lacks features. The aims of this study are to investigate users’ travel-planning behavior on smartphones, identify the pain points and missing contexts when using digital maps on smartphones, and provide design guidelines for future digital map design. The study was done by conducting a travel-planning activity and a codesign workshop to bring users into the design process, promote in-depth discussion, and explore a new design possibility for digital maps with users. The results showed that people’s goals when planning travel include reducing their workload, improving effectiveness, and ensuring flexibility. People use digital maps to support not only information searching but also information compiling, including saving locations and routes. In addition, several difficulties have been pointed out: cross-platform planning, information hierarchy, and retrieval on digital maps.


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