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Collaborative Platform for Computational Thinking Assessment

posted on 2019-06-10, 19:29 authored by Arjun ShakdherArjun Shakdher
Computational Thinking (CT) is an integral process of thinking in humans that allows them to solve complex problems efficiently and effectively by breaking down a problem in smaller parts and using abstraction to create generalizable solutions. While the term CT has gained a lot of popularity in current education and research, there is still considerable ambiguity when it comes to defining exactly what CT encompasses. Since the definition and characteristics that make up CT vary so much, it is extremely difficult to measure CT in people. This thesis explains how different industry experts and organizations view CT and describes the importance of developing and integrating such a method of thinking in everyone, not just computer science professionals. The literature review also includes a comprehensive analysis of different tests and tools created to measure CT in people. This study proposes a web-based CT assessment collaborative tool that can be an effective instrument for teachers in assessing CT skills in students who are a part of the Teaching Engineering Concepts to Harness Future Innovators and Technologists (TECHFIT) program funded through NSF DRL-1312215 and NSF DRL-1640178. The vision of this tool is to become a go-to platform for CT assessment where questions collaborated by experts can be used to reliably assess the CT skills of anyone interested in measuring them.


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