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Comments as reviews: Predicting answer acceptance by measuring sentiment on stack exchange

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posted on 2023-06-16, 16:53 authored by William Chase Ledbetter IVWilliam Chase Ledbetter IV

Online communication has increased the need to rapidly interpret complex emotions due to the volatility of the data involved; machine learning tasks that process text, such as sentiment analysis, can help address this challenge by automatically classifying text as positive, negative, or neutral. However, while much research has focused on detecting offensive or toxic language online, there is also a need to explore and understand the ways in which people express positive emotions and support for one another in online communities. This is where sentiment dictionaries and other computational methods can be useful, by analyzing the language used to express support and identifying common patterns or themes.

This research was conducted by compiling data from social question and answering around machine learning on the site Stack Exchange. Then a classification model was constructed using binary logistic regression. The objective was to discover whether predictions of marked solutions are accurate by treating the comments as reviews. Measuring collaboration signals may help capture the nuances of language around support and assistance, which could have implications for how people understand and respond to expressions of help online. By exploring this topic further, researchers can gain a more complete understanding of the ways in which people communicate and connect online.


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