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Comparing Motivation, Anxiety, Learning Community, and Oral Proficiency in Two Online Courses with Different Teaching Modalities

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posted on 2022-07-27, 18:31 authored by Juliette DuthoitJuliette Duthoit

 This study looked at (1) motivation, (2) anxiety, (3) perception of the learning community, and (4) oral proficiency of beginner learners of French in two online sections: one on-campus section with 15 students located on campus or in the same state who could participate in synchronous class zoom, and one distance section with 13 students located all over the world who could only participate in small-group zoom meetings. At the end of the semester, participants filled surveys evaluating their motivation, level of anxiety, and connection with other students in the section. Qualitative and quantitative data from the surveys were collected and analyzed in terms of motivation, anxiety, and perception of the learning community. Participants also completed oral production assignments (individual speech and group conversation on a given topic) throughout the semester, which were collected, and analyzed in terms of complexity, accuracy, and fluency. Results showed that both sections were successful in creating a learning community and allow a progression in oral proficiency. A qualitative and statistical comparison between the sections’ results showed that the distance section had a lower sense of self confidence, enjoyment, motivation, as well as a higher course-related anxiety, whereas the on-campus online section had a higher level of language anxiety. In terms of learning communities, the on-campus section had a higher sense of community, but the distance section had a stronger connection with their groupmates. Finally, the on-campus section had a lower accuracy rate than the distance section in both the individual and group productions, which was due to a higher pronunciation errors rate.   


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