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Connection Problem for Painlevé tau Functions

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posted on 2019-10-16, 16:19 authored by Andrei ProkhorovAndrei Prokhorov
We derive the differential identities for isomonodromic tau functions, describing their monodromy dependence.
For Painlev\'e equations we obtain them from the relation of tau function to classical action which is a consequence of quasihomogeneity of corresponding Hamiltonians.
We use these identities to solve the connection problem for generic solution of Painlev\'e-III(D8) equation, and homogeneous Painlev\'e-II equation.
We formulate conjectures on Hamiltonian and symplectic structure of general iso\-mo\-no\-dro\-mic deformations we obtained during our studies and check them for Painlev\'e equations.


Development of methods of spectral analysis, scattering theory and integrable systems in modern problems of mathematical physics.

Russian Science Foundation

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