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posted on 2021-08-13, 15:51 authored by Neel Arun SalviNeel Arun Salvi
The planet is currently experiencing a massive shift in the migration of people towards highly populous metropolitan regions which offer a better quality of life, which has resulted in rapid development and expansion. Meanwhile, the recent studies on climate change have shed light on precipitation events becoming increasingly wetter and intense. This rapid change in the land use patterns coupled with the climate change has increased the risk of flooding and puts the massive investment in the infrastructure, economy, and human life at a greater risk than ever before. This study aims to analyze the impacts of the stormwater infrastructure on the hydrology and hydraulics of highly urbanized environments. Traditional flood modeling approaches of independent hydrologic and hydraulic models have progressed into more complex models which can integrate the surface and sub-surface along with their interactions as the understanding of these physical processes and the availability of computational power has increased. A fully integrated hydro-systems model based on a distributed modeling approach is developed for a portion of the City of Minneapolis in Minnesota, USA which incorporates the surface hydraulics, stormwater infrastructure, vadose zone and a dynamic water table which realistically represents all the hydrologic and hydraulics processes. The result of this study shows the incorporation of the stormwater infrastructure in the integrated model leads to lower flood inundation areas, reduced vadose zone storage and lowered groundwater table for design flows as well as real events. The model displayed consistent results for the impact of stormwater infrastructure when tested across varied antecedent soil conditions. Ultimately this study proposes the implementation of a fully integrated hydro-systems modeling approach which link the hydrology and the hydraulics of the surface, sub-surface and stormwater infrastructure systems for a better representation of the flood hydrodynamics in urbanized regions.


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