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Data Protection in Transit and at Rest with Leakage Detection

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posted on 2019-05-15, 12:38 authored by Denis A UlybyshevDenis A Ulybyshev

In service-oriented architecture, services can communicate and share data among themselves. This thesis presents a solution that allows detecting several types of data leakages made by authorized insiders to unauthorized services. My solution provides role-based and attribute-based access control for data so that each service can access only those data subsets for which the service is authorized, considering a context and service’s attributes such as security level of the web browser and trust level of service. My approach provides data protection in transit and at rest for both centralized and peer-to-peer service architectures. The methodology ensures confidentiality and integrity of data, including data stored in untrusted cloud. In addition to protecting data against malicious or curious cloud or database administrators, the capability of running a search through encrypted data, using SQL queries, and building analytics over encrypted data is supported. My solution is implemented in the “WAXEDPRUNE” (Web-based Access to Encrypted Data Processing in Untrusted Environments) project, funded by Northrop Grumman Cybersecurity Research Consortium. WAXEDPRUNE methodology is illustrated in this thesis for two use cases, including a Hospital Information System with secure storage and exchange of Electronic Health Records and a Vehicle-to-Everything communication system with secure exchange of vehicle’s and drivers’ data, as well as data on road events and road hazards.

To help with investigating data leakage incidents in service-oriented architecture, integrity of provenance data needs to be guaranteed. For that purpose, I integrate WAXEDPRUNE with IBM Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network, so that every data access, transfer or update is recorded in a public blockchain ledger, is non-repudiatable and can be verified at any time in the future. The work on this project, called “Blockhub,” is in progress.


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