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Decomposition and Stability of Multiparameter Persistence Modules

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posted on 2023-08-04, 18:21 authored by Cheng XinCheng Xin

The only datasets used in my thesis work are from TUDatasets, TUDataset | TUD Benchmark datasets (chrsmrrs.github.io), a collection of public benchmark datasets for graph classification and regression.


Start-up fund for Tamal Dey, Purdue University, F.10019892.05.001.

Expanding the Reach of Topological Data Analysis, NSF, CCF-2049010,

TRIPODS+X:RES:Collaborative Research: Improving Templated Microstructures via Topological Data Analysis, NSF, CCF-1839252,

Topology, Geometry, and Data Analysis (TGDA@OSU):Discovering Structure, Shape, and Dynamics in Data, NSF, CCF- 1740761,


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  • Doctor of Philosophy


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Tamal K. Dey

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Saugata Basu

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