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Deep Brain Dynamics and Images Mining for Tumor Detection and Precision Medicine

posted on 2023-08-30, 20:17 authored by Lakshmi RameshLakshmi Ramesh

Automatic brain tumor segmentation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans is essential for the diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of cancerous tumors. However, identifying the hardly detectable tumors poses a considerable challenge, which are usually of different sizes, irregular shapes, and vague invasion areas. Current advancements have not yet fully leveraged the dynamics in the multiple modalities of MRI, since they usually treat multi-modality as multi-channel, and the early channel merging may not fully reveal inter-modal couplings and complementary patterns. In this thesis, we propose a novel deep cross-attention learning algorithm that maximizes the subtle dynamics mining from each of the input modalities and then boosts feature fusion capability. More specifically, we have designed a Multimodal Cross-Attention Module (MM-CAM), equipped with a 3D Multimodal Feature Rectification and Feature Fusion Module. Extensive experiments have shown that the proposed novel deep learning architecture, empowered by the innovative MM- CAM, produces higher-quality segmentation masks of the tumor subregions. Further, we have enhanced the algorithm with image matting refinement techniques. We propose to integrate a Progressive Refinement Module (PRM) and perform Cross-Subregion Refinement (CSR) for the precise identification of tumor boundaries. A Multiscale Dice Loss was also successfully employed to enforce additional supervision for the auxiliary segmentation outputs. This enhancement will facilitate effectively matting-based refinement for medical image segmentation applications. Overall, this thesis, with deep learning, transformer-empowered pattern mining, and sophisticated architecture designs, will greatly advance deep brain dynamics and images mining for tumor detection and precision medicine.


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Dr. Qingxue Zhang

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