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Deep Learning Based Crop Row Detection

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posted on 2022-07-12, 16:18 authored by Rashed Mohammad DohaRashed Mohammad Doha

Detecting crop rows from video frames in real time is a fundamental challenge in the field of precision agriculture. Deep learning based semantic segmentation method, namely U-net, although successful in many tasks related to precision agriculture, performs poorly for solving this task. The reasons include paucity of large scale labeled datasets in this domain, diversity in crops, and the diversity of appearance of the same crops at various stages of their growth. In this work, we discuss the development of a practical real-life crop row

detection system in collaboration with an agricultural sprayer company. Our proposed method takes the output of semantic segmentation using U-net, and then apply a clustering based probabilistic temporal calibration which can adapt to different fields and crops without the need for retraining the network. Experimental results validate that our method can be used for both refining the results of the U-net to reduce errors and also for frame interpolation of the input video stream. Upon the availability of more labeled data, we switched our approach from a semi-supervised model to a fully supervised end-to-end crop row detection model using a Feature Pyramid Network or FPN. Central to the FPN is a pyramid pooling module that extracts features from the input image at multiple resolutions. This results in the network’s ability to use both local and global features in classifying pixels to be crop rows. After training the FPN on the labeled dataset, our method obtained a mean IoU or Jaccard Index score of over 70% as reported on the test set. We trained our method on only a subset of the corn dataset and tested its performance on multiple variations of weed pressure and crop growth stages to verify that the performance does translate over the variations and is consistent across the entire dataset.


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