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Detection and Quantitation of Hazardous Chemicals in Environmental Matrices using Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry: Volume 1

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posted on 2019-10-16, 16:22 authored by Sarah DowlingSarah Dowling

Paper spray mass spectrometry (PS-MS) is an ambient ionization technique that has been proven useful in many types of investigative analyses. However, the use of this technique with regards to environmental samples has been largely unexplored since the technique’s development. In this work, paper spray mass spectrometry was utilized to detect and quantify compounds for environmental, forensic and chemical defense applications. Due to the sensitive nature of some projects, the work was split into two volumes. Volume 1 focuses on the detection of pharmaceuticals in soil using paper spray (Chapter 2) and the detection of chemical warfare agent (CWA) simulants and CWA hydrolysis products (Chapter 3). Volume 2 focuses on the detection and quantitation of fentanyl analogs in environmental matrices. Chapter 5 focuses on the rapid analysis of fentanyl analogs in soil matrices. The following chapter evaluates the ability of PS-MS to detect low concentrations of fentanyl analogs in water (Chapter 6). Throughout this work, paper spray has proven to be an effective, rapid alternative to chromatography for the analysis of environmental samples.


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