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Development of Sustainable Energies from Solar

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posted on 2021-01-05, 17:55 authored by Haizhen WangHaizhen Wang
Energy occupies a pivotal position in the development and progress of today's society. From the daily lives of residents to international transportation, the limited non-renewable energy resources on the earth are being exhausted. With increasing world energy demand and the shortage of fossil fuels, solar energy has become a key technology to solve energy problems. Compared with the serious pollution caused by fossil fuels, solar energy is clean and free. Nowadays, countries around the world are rapidly developing solar energy technology to alleviate the crisis caused by energy shortages. As a major oil producer and exporter, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) attached great importance to develop and utilize solar energy. The directed project investigated the feasibility and sustainability of developing solar energy in the UAE. The unique geographical location of the UAE gives it an absolute advantage in solar energy harvesting. However, the environment in the desert also affects the utilization of solar panels to a certain extent. The research performed data analysis on solar radiation and environmental factors to discuss the development prospects of solar energy in the UAE. Although the research has existing limitations, the strategic goal of sustainable development of solar energy never changes. Based on data and cost-effectiveness analysis, the directed research made recommendations to accept or decline the project.


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