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Direct Simulation Monte Carlo and Granular Gases

posted on 2022-07-28, 17:31 authored by Andrew HongAndrew Hong

Granular systems are ensembles of inelastic particles which dissipate energy during collisions. Granular systems serve as excellent models for a wide variety of materials such as sand, soils, corn, and powder. A rather remarkable property of granular systems is when excited, whether due to an interstitial fluid or via the boundaries, the granular particlesdisplay fluid-like behavior. As a result, there has been decades of granular research with the overarching goal of formulating a general granular hydrodynamic theory.

However, the granular hydrodynamic theory is limited, and the underlying transport coefficients often require modifications which are based on empirical observations, and assuch, are system-specific. It is ideally better to devise a general theory which minimizes the information needed about the systema priori. The main thrust of the work undertaken shown here strives to develop such a model by using kinetic theory as the basis. More specifically, I investigate granular gases via the direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) methodand modify the governing equations. In this thesis, two idealized cases of granular gases areconsidered: the homogeneous cooling state and a boundary-heated gas (or the pure conduc-tion case). In the former, the effects of polydispersity are probed. In the latter, the evolutionof the local hydrodynamics due to strong rarefaction effects are divulged. Additionally, amodified, more generalized constitutive relation for the heat flux is proposed and comparedwith DSMC results. Extensions of the DSMC method for dense granular gases and granulargases composed of non-spherical particles are also discussed.


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