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Does Work Context Matter? Understanding the Role of Work Context on the Relation between Personality and Job Satisfaction

posted on 2023-04-29, 08:49 authored by Meaghan Marie TracyMeaghan Marie Tracy

As more organizations adopt varying work arrangements (e.g., remote, in-person work), it is increasingly important to understand factors that associate with employee’s job satisfaction under different work contexts. Previous studies, based almost entirely on in-person work contexts, have mixed findings on whether certain personality traits relate to job satisfaction. The current meta-analysis investigates the potential moderating role of work context on the relation between personality and job satisfaction. Specifically, I examine how personality traits are associated with job satisfaction differently under remote and in-person work contexts. I first compiled an integrated definition of remote work and identified the unique characteristics that contrast remote from in-person work contexts. Drawing from interactionist theories, I then highlighted how the characteristics of work context could moderate the relation between the Big Five personality traits and job satisfaction. I conducted a meta-analysis, quantitatively summarizing findings from 246 studies (N = 260,492). Results suggested that all five Big Five personality traits are significantly related to job satisfaction, however work context did not moderate the relation. Overall, findings from the current study suggest that the personality-job satisfaction relation is statistically significant and robust across contextual differences.


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