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posted on 2023-08-02, 17:43 authored by Alexandra Courtney KempAlexandra Courtney Kemp

The dissertation research was conducted to examine articles, research, and studies that have been collected in recent years to understand energy management for general aviation airplane pilots. The experiment was broken down into four phases with control and treatment groups which have evaluated the real-world problem of energy management in aviation. The four phases were to fly a flight profile, evaluate the energy state of the airplane within the flight by video, fly the same flight profile again, and a post-flight interview with the pilots. The idea of this experiment was to recognize the lack of understanding in energy management in pilots, build a conceptual model, and lastly verify and validate Phase II of the model by utilizing previous studies and research. Additionally, the three main goals were to assess the ability to interpret energy management, assess the ability to control the aircraft, and lastly, to interview for perception of energy management. The data was collected on the flight training device’s G1000, and the researcher analyzed the data using R, Minitab, Excel, and NVivo. The research provided ideas for creating a future model to evaluate energy management, validated by testing Phase II of the model to understand assessing energy management in real time, and interviewed pilots on their experiences with energy management, identified gaps in general aviation research, and suggested methods of how to facilitate understanding of energy management.


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