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posted on 2022-07-21, 14:22 authored by Yang ZhaoYang Zhao

To improve the prediction of two-phase local structure and heat transfer in subcooled boiling flow, the wall nucleation phenomenon was studied to accurately model the wall source term in the interfacial area transport equation (IATE) for the use with the two-fluid model. The existing experimental datasets and modeling works of departure diameter, departure frequency and active nucleation site density were comprehensively reviewed. Since these parameters are coupled in the bubble ebullition cycles, simultaneous measurements of departure diameter, departure frequency and active nucleation site density were performed in a vertical annular test section. The ranges of the existing experimental database were extended to high pressure and high heat flux conditions. The stochastic characteristics of the departure diameter and departure frequency measured from a single nucleation site and over multiple nucleation sites were investigated. Significant variations between different nucleation sites were observed. A parametric study of departure diameter, departure frequency and nucleation site density were conducted at varying system pressure, heat flux, flow rate and subcooling conditions. The existing models of these parameters were evaluated with the experimental dataset of the existing and the present works. Significant discrepancies were observed between model predictions and experimental data, which indicates that the mechanism of nucleate boiling is not fully understood. The heat flux partitioning model was also evaluated. The results show that the heat flux at high pressure or low flow rate conditions was significantly underestimated. This may suggest that major heat transfer mechanisms are missing in the heat flux partitioning model.


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