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Early Detection of Dicamba and 2,4-D Herbicide Injuries on Soybean with LeafSpec, an Accurate Handheld Hyperspectral Leaf Scanner

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posted on 2022-07-22, 18:25 authored by Zhongzhong NiuZhongzhong Niu


Dicamba (3,6-dichloro-2-methoxybenzoic acid) and 2,4-D (2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) are two widely used herbicides for broadleaf weed control in soybeans. However, off-target application of dicamba and 2,4-D can cause severe damage to sensitive vegetation and crops. Early detection and assessment of off-target damage caused by these herbicides are necessary to help plant diagnostic labs and state regulatory agencies collect more information of the on-site conditions so to develop solutions to resolve the issue in the future. In 2021, the study was conducted to detect damage to soybean leaves caused by dicamba and 2,4-D by using LeafSpec, an accurate handheld hyperspectral leaf scanner. . High resolution single leaf hyperspectral images of 180 soybean plants in the greenhouse exposed to nine different herbicide treatments were taken 1, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days after herbicide spraying. Pairwise PLS-DA models based on spectral features were able to distinguish leaf damage caused by two different modes of action herbicides, specifically dicamba and 2,4-D, as early as 2 hours after herbicide spraying. In the spatial distribution analysis, texture and morphological features were selected for separating the dosages of herbicide treatments. Compared to the mean spectrum method, new models built upon the spectrum, texture, and morphological features, improved the overall accuracy to over 70% for all evaluation dates. The combined features are able to classify the correct dosage of the right herbicide as early as 7 days after herbicide sprays. Overall, this work has demonstrated the potential of using spectral and spatial features of LeafSpec hyperspectral images for early and accurate detection of dicamba and 2,4-D damage in soybean plants.



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