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Effect of Storage Humidity on Physical Stability and Aerosol Performance of Spray-Dried Dry Powder Inhaler Formulations

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posted on 2019-08-15, 20:22 authored by Nivedita J ShettyNivedita J Shetty

Dry Powder inhalers (DPIs) have been one of the most promising developments in pulmonary drug delivery systems. In general, DPIs are more effective than systemic administrations and convenient to use. However, delivering high-dose antibiotics through a DPI is still a challenge because high powder load may need a very large inhaler or increase the incidence of local adverse effects. Spray drying has been increasingly applied to produce DPI formulations for high-dose antibiotics; nevertheless, many spray-dried particles are amorphous and physically unstable during storage, particularly under the humid environment.

My research focuses on addressing critical challenges in physical stability of DPIs for spray-dried high-dose antibiotics. The effects of moisture-induced crystallization on physical stability and aerosol performance of spray-dried amorphous Ciprofloxacin DPI formulations stored at different humidity conditions were studied. Our study not only provided a mechanistic understanding in the impact of crystallization on aerosol performance but also developed novel approaches for improving stability of spray-dried formulations used in DPI.

Our work has shown that recrystallization of amorphous spray-dried Ciprofloxacin led to significant changes in aerosol performance of DPIs upon storage, which cause critical quality and safety concerns. These challenges have been solved through co-spray-drying Ciprofloxacin with either excipient such as leucine or synergistic antibiotic like Colistin. Co-spray-drying Ciprofloxacin with Colistin not only improved physical and aerosol stability but also enhanced antibacterial activity which is a great advantage for treating ‘difficult to cure’ respiratory infections caused by multidrug resistant bacteria.

My research work is a sincere effort to maximize the utility and efficacy of high-dose DPI, an effective delivery tool for treating severe resistant bacterial respiratory infections.


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