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Efficient Adaptation of Deep Vision Models

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posted on 2023-04-27, 11:43 authored by Ze WangZe Wang

Deep neural networks have made significant advances in computer vision. However, several challenges limit their real-world applications. For example, domain shifts in vision data degrade model performance; visual appearance variances affect model robustness; it is also non-trivial to extend a model trained on one task to novel tasks; and in many applications, large-scale labeled data are not even available for learning powerful deep models from scratch. This research focuses on improving the transferability of deep features and the efficiency of deep vision model adaptation, leading to enhanced generalization and new capabilities on computer vision tasks. Specifically, we approach these problems from the following two directions: architectural adaptation and label-efficient transferable feature learning. From an architectural perspective, we investigate various schemes that permit network adaptation to be parametrized by multiple copies of sub-structures, distributions of parameter subspaces, or functions that infer parameters from data. We also explore how model adaptation can bring new capabilities, such as continuous and stochastic image modeling, fast transfer to new tasks, and dynamic computation allocation based on sample complexity. From the perspective of feature learning, we show how transferable features emerge from generative modeling with massive unlabeled or weakly labeled data. Such features enable both image generation under complex conditions and downstream applications like image recognition and segmentation. By combining both perspectives, we achieve improved performance on computer vision tasks with limited labeled data, enhanced transferability of deep features, and novel capabilities beyond standard deep learning models.


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