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Efficient Resource Allocation for Wireless Networks

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posted on 2022-07-26, 19:04 authored by Eric J RuzomberkaEric J Ruzomberka

The complex and distributed nature of wireless networks have traditionally made allocation of network resources between network stakeholders a challenging task. In the next generation of wireless networks, allocation mechanisms must be able to address these traditional challenges while also addressing new challenges. New challenges arise as networks adopt changing business relationships between existing stakeholders, introduce new stakeholders with diverse interests, integrate intelligent and autonomous systems, and contend with emerging security threats. To address these new challenges, wireless network engineers will require a fundamental understanding of systems consisting of strategic decision makers with competing interests. Our contribution to this understanding is threefold: First, we study a novel moral hazard that that can occur when payment mechanisms are used to incentivize cooperation between multi-hop network nodes. Second, we introduce a network sharing framework that enables 5G/beyond-5G mobile operators to split shared infrastructure costs subject to a regulatory constraint on the cost structure of the shared network. Lastly, we study reliable communication over an adversarial channel in which the adversary can compute side-information subject to a practical computational bound. For each of the above three topics, we provide both analytical and numerical studies from which we derive insights into the design of allocation mechanisms.


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