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Examining the Relationship Between Callings and Employee Well-being

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posted on 2022-07-12, 18:00 authored by Kristyn LukjanKristyn Lukjan

 Although the occupational callings literature has largely focused on positive outcomes of living a calling, there are some emerging findings that suggest that callings may have a “negative” side as well. Drawing upon past studies within the callings literature, as well as upon theoretical perspectives such as self-regulation theory, identity theory, and the Effort-Recovery model, I tested a theoretical model to examine psychological detachment as a mechanism that accounts for the relationship between living a calling (also referred to as one’s calling intensity) and two well-being outcomes: sleep quality and burnout. Further, I built on previous work in the callings literature by examining the moderating impact of two individual differences (trait mindfulness, perfectionism) on the relationship between calling intensity and psychological detachment. Study hypotheses were tested using a two-wave study design with 358 emergency medical professionals. Results revealed that for called emergency medical professionals, trait mindfulness strengthened the negative relationship between calling intensity and psychological detachment, which had downstream negative effects on sleep quality. In addition, one facet of perfectionism, namely perfectionistic strivings, exacerbated the negative indirect effect of calling intensity on sleep quality via psychological detachment. Ultimately, this study contributed to the occupational callings literature by examining the impact of differential levels of trait mindfulness and perfectionism on employee well-being. Implications for enhancing employee well-being are discussed.


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