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Examining the Relationship Between Parental Sex Education, Religiosity And Sex Positivity In First- And Second-Generation African Immigrants

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posted on 2020-12-16, 18:02 authored by Phyllis Antwiwaa AgyapongPhyllis Antwiwaa Agyapong

This quantitative study examined the relationship between parental comprehensive sexual and reproductive health communication (SRH), religiosity and sex positivity in first- and second-generation African immigrants. Comprehensive SRH communication was measured by frequency through the Sexual Communication Scale (SCS), religiosity was measured through the Faith Activities in the Home Scale (FAITHS) and sex positivity was measured through the Sex Positivity Scale (SPS). It was hypothesized that there would be a negative relationship between religiosity and sex positivity and a positive relationship between religiosity and sex positivity in first-and second-generation African immigrants. Results indicated that higher levels of religiosity in the participant’s upbringing was significantly associated with higher sex positivity. Additional findings revealed higher instances of SRH communication correlated with higher sex positivity in men and lower sex positivity in women. This study aimed to set a foundation for future studies on first- and second-generation African immigrants as it relates to sexual health.


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