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Expectancy in Pelvic Organ Prolapse Surgery and Recovery: Factor Structure and Validity

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posted on 2019-08-16, 14:42 authored by Kaitlin TouzaKaitlin Touza
Women describe pelvic organ prolapse (POP) surgery as difficult to recover from. Expectancy is related to recovery in other surgeries but has not been examined in POP. There is no established measure of surgery expectancy or utility in women with POP. This research had four aims: 1) to establish the factor structure of a new measure of POP surgery expectancy; 2) to establish predictive validity of the expectancy measure by examining its ability to predict self-rated recovery over time; 3) to establish concurrent validity of the expectancy measure; and 4) to examine the ability of utility to predict additional variance in recovery. Exploratory factor analysis revealed a three-factor solution. Factors are conceptualized as: 1) Bladder/Bowel Function; 2) Sexual Function; and 3) Physical Function. Bladder/Bowel Function correlated with optimism and self-efficacy (r = .17, p = .03 and r = .27, p = .00, respectively). Physical Function was predictive of recovery at 42 days (standardized coefficient = .25; p < .05). However, these factors were generally poor and inconsistent predictors of recovery. Utility did not predict additional variance in recovery. Potential explanations for the poor predictive ability of the measure are discussed. The development of a measure that amends these limitations may still be beneficial. Further, exploring and establishing the relationship between surgery expectancy, utility, and recovery may guide physician-patient discussions and lead to improved surgical outcomes.


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