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Experimental Evaluation of Flexural Strengthening Methods for Existing Reinforced Concrete Members Using Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Systems

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posted on 2020-12-18, 18:20 authored by Robert Richard JacobsRobert Richard Jacobs
Research has shown that many adjacent box beam bridges in Indiana experience premature deterioration. Primarily caused by leaking joints between beams, this deterioration leads to corrosion and/or fracturing of prestressing strands, ultimately resulting in flexural deficiency of the bridge. A testing program was designed to simulate this observed deterioration by constructing test specimens and implementing various strengthening techniques using fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) systems. The objective of this testing program is to investigate the effectiveness of FRP strengthening systems to increase or even regain the full capacity of beams that have effectively lost tension reinforcing steel due to corrosion. The FRP-strengthened beam specimens incorporate the use of near-surface-mounted and externally bonded systems. Reinforcing bars in the beams are excluded or cut to simulate deterioration. Furthermore, two different methods of end anchorage for the externally bonded sheets, FRP fan anchorage and U-wrap anchorage, are investigated. Results and conclusions from the testing program are described in order to help advise best practices in implementing the aforementioned strengthening systems.


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