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Expertise and Embodied Pedagogy in Medical Writing Curricula

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posted on 2022-07-27, 01:28 authored by Caroline A JenningsCaroline A Jennings

This dissertation proposes curricular methods for medical writing programs for medical simulation  laboratories at universities and hospitals. Drawing on historical literature of embodiment in  anatomy instruction, I argue medical simulation laboratories pose challenges and opportunities for  medical and nursing students to conceptualize clinical expertise through medical documentation.  I developed a corpus of mission statements across a variety of universities and regulatory agencies  to provide qualitative data and examine how expertise and embodied professional identity can be  developed through medical progress notes, narrative charting, and SOAP notes as writing  strategies suited for risk assessment outcomes and professionalization. I envision my dissertation  as a retrospective examination of programmatic and pedagogical values concerning the role of  writing in risk assessment, technical communication, and medical expertise. 


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