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Field Control and Optical Force Enhancement with Aperiodic Nanostructures

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posted on 2019-01-03, 14:01 authored by Yu-Chun HsuehYu-Chun Hsueh
Aperiodic structures offer new functionalities for control, manipulation, and sensing that can benefit applications in all frequency ranges. We present a study of the influence of the degrees of freedom from a binary aperiodic nanostructure in free space, where each pixel is either the scatterer or the background, that uses a multivariate statistical analysis to examine the covariance matrix of the output field distributions. The total variance of the output fields and the rank can be evaluated to provide quantitative measurements of control. In addition, the field statistics provide an improved understanding of the scattering properties of aperiodic structures.

It has been proposed that structuring a metal surface can substantially increase the optical pressure over that possible with a planar interface. Based upon the forces on the mirrors of a one-dimensional asymmetric Fabry-Perot cavity, we show that the sum of the pressures on both mirrors increases through asymmetry and with quality factor. Using cavity quality factor as a measure, we present the physical basis of the enhanced pressure on a nanostructured metallic surface as being due to an array of asymmetric resonant cavities.

With use of optimized, aperiodic structures, more control and higher pressure should be possible. We present a design method by which the electromagnetic pressure on a nanostructured binary material can be controlled in terms of both the enhancement and the direction. This analysis offers new avenues for optomechanics.


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