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Finite Element Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Skin

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Finite Element Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue Damage and Fracture

posted on 2022-04-18, 14:21 authored by John David Toaquiza TubonJohn David Toaquiza Tubon
This study provides an overview of the implementation of a nonlinear microstructural constitutive model in ABAQUS employing a user subroutine at the level of the biomedical engineer. Two different element formulations are employed: a continuum incompressible and a plane stress incompressible. All examples are validated by performing a number of deformations on 2D and 3D square elements and comparing the analytical formulation in a programming language and the user subroutine in ABAQUS. Application models will be presented that provide a deeper look into the impacts of soft tissue deformation, damage, and fracture. Additionally, we investigate the mechanical behavior of skin layers in terms of the nominal stress-strain curve using uniaxial and cyclic loading tests on porcine skin specimens in two forms: dermis integrating epidermis and hypodermis. Experiments were performed on specimens from the belly and breast of the pigs and under both orthogonal orientations with respect to the spine direction. All tests were carried out at room temperature with cyclic loading at a constant strain rate and increasing stretch increments. Finally, data is fitted using microstructural constitutive model.


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