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posted on 2022-12-21, 18:03 authored by Brandon M. FulkBrandon M. Fulk

The thesis aims to evaluate (ground) and influence (inform) the intersection of the Construction Engineering Education (CEE) field with Engineering Education (ENE) by evaluating three research objectives:

  1. Does literature indicate that CEE (Construction Engineering Education) in the US higher education system actively integrate established ENE (Engineering Education) Recommended Practices (RP) pedagogically?
  2. Does Purdue’s Division of Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) incorporate Engineering Education Recommended Practices?
  3. Can Engineering Education Recommended Practices be applied to CEM courses?

The framework developed to evaluate the research objectives established a mixed-method research approach that employed systematic literature review and action research. The author is motivated to provide students with authentic and centered experiences allowing students to attempt complex activities and fail with a controlled environment before entering the AEC profession. The volume of literature discovered in the research indicates an opportunity to implement and promote ENE RP. The deployment of the CEE-accepted ENE RP demonstrates the agility and impact of the RP options. As a result, the author’s work contributes to the growth of the CEE field, the development of CEM courses implementing ENE RP, and the engagement of the construction student. 


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  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering


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